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What Size System do I need ?

When deciding on which air conditioner to install, it is very important to make sure that the size and output of the unit is sufficient to cool or heat the space required. The factors that decide on the size of the equipment are.

Size of the room (floor area)
Ceiling height
Insulation (if there is any)
Wall construction (e.g. brick, weatherboard, timber, etc)
Roof type (metal, tiles)
Window size and position

For an accurate assessment of your air conditioning needs we would need to take all these factors into consideration, but as a rough guide to calculating the sizeof your air conditioner we would allow 1.5KW for every 10m2 of floor area. For example a 40m2 floor area requires a 6.0kw unit. This gives you a rough idea of the size of the unit you may need.



What Size air conditioner do I need?



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