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Energy efficiency

Energy efficient air conditioners are much more common now and with the new MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard) for air conditioning there are many more to choose from.

With environmental concerns growing and energy prices rising its in the consumers interest to get the most energy efficient system possible.The new standards are based on the EER which is basically the ratio of output cooling (in Btu/hr) to input electrical power (in Watts) at a given operating point.

The higher the number the more efficient the machine. The minimum for air conditioners in Queensland Australia is 2.9 but will soon be going up to over 3 so they are constantly improving the efficiency.

Unit sizing—all parts of the air-conditioning system should be sized by a trained professional taking into account the building floor plan, aspect, construction materials and occupancy levels. This is a good starting point to assist in selecting the correct unit size to service the total area to be conditioned.

What Size air conditioner do I need?


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